What the Cluck is a Dry Brine?

What the Cluck is a Dry Brine?


We're sure you've heard of a wet brine. You may have even had the distinct pleasure of trying to make one and ending up with more of it on you (and your kitchen floor) than the meat itself.... or maybe we're just speaking from personal experience.

Wet brines are a tough challenge that yields a fantastic reward: more flavorful and juicy poultry. But what if it didn't have to be that way? We've developed a dry brine: all the goodness, none of the hassle.

But before we get into how to use a dry brine, let's get everyone on the same page.

What is a dry brine?

It’s the secret to poultry tasting good. Our Grill Dad's Bird Bath Dry Brines give you all of the juicy, poultry tastiness you get from a wet brine, with none of the mess, fewer steps, and crispier skin.

Our dry brine is a combination of spices, salt, and sugar that when applied to poultry, draws the moisture out of the bird. That moisture then dissolves the sugar and salt which are then reabsorbed into the chicken. 

This does a bunch of cool things: 

  1. Tasty: Distributes seasoning all the way through the bird, not just the skin
  2. Tender & Juicy: Salt breaks down the protein in the meat, making it relax, leading to more tender and juicy bird because it doesn’t constrict and squeeze all the juice out when cooking. 
  3. Crispy: Leaving the dry brined bird in the fridge uncovered overnight allows excess moisture to evaporates off the skin leaving the sugar in the skin to become super crispy on the grill. 

Okay, that sounds great, but how do I use it? 

To brine your bird…

  • Rub 2-3 tsps of the brine per pound of poultry on the 
    • inside 
    • outside 
    • under the skin of your bird of choice. 
  • Refrigerate uncovered, skin side up for 24-36 hours. 
  • Take the bird out 30 minutes before cooking
  • Rub butter or oil on the skin
  • Grill at 425 degrees on indirect heat. 
  • Get praised by friends and family for making poultry juicy, crispy and actually tasty