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With just the twist of a lid, Spiceology makes it easy to add better flavor with our delicious lineup of Mexican seasonings and blends. Go on, take us for a taste test.

Chile Margarita mexican seasoning blend

Mexican Spices for Home Cooking

Start with our top-selling, Mexican spice ingredients for flavorful home cooking and recipe ideas.

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A Fresh Take on Mexican Flavors. Delivered to Your Door.

We make delicious, simple.

Grind fresh. Pack fresh. Ship fresh.

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    The spices you need.
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    Yell “BAM!” like Emeril.
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    The best gift for spice lovers.
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    The best meat rub money can buy.
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    There is no going wrong here.

Eliminate Dull Flavors From Your Kitchen.

Spiceology was founded by an executive Chef and a top food blogger, so we can guarantee that our premium ingredients and small batch blends are held to a ridiculously high standard. So, start here. Where flavor matters.