Give Back with Spiceology | Fundraiser Program

Earn $960 for your school or organization!

Finally, a fundraiser that’s spicy & delicious, and can make your fundraiser some serious money!

Spiceology is proud to help organizations in their fundraising efforts by offering a selection of our top blends. Spiceology has two options to help your organization fundraise -- Spiceology Direct and Spiceology Order First.

Spiceology - Direct

With Spiceology Direct, we will ship you a carton containing 240 jars of our most popular blends (6 different blends, 40 each), along with 10 boxes that each holds a set of the 6 jars. When a youngster sells the product, they are able to deliver the spices right then and there to the buyer -- no additional paperwork is required.

The primary advantage of the Spiceology Direct model is simplicity -- the product is delivered right at the time of sale, therefore there’s no requirement for you to return at a later time for delivery. However, with Spiceology Direct, the funds for the spices needs to be paid in advance, and the fundraising organization is responsible for any unsold spices, if any.

Spiceology - Order First

With Spiceology Order First, you will pre-sell the blends, writing down each order along with the purchaser’s name and address, and they will collect the check or cash at the time of the purchase. After the sale process is complete, the fundraising organizer will tabulate all of the orders and send the total order information to Spiceology with the exact number of each spice blend, along with the payment. Spiceology will fulfill the complete order and ship it to you, and once the package arrives, each person will be given their allotted blends, and they will go back to each purchaser to deliver their spices.

The primary advantage of Spiceology Order First is that there is no requirement to purchase the spice blends before they are sold, and you only order exactly what was purchased. The disadvantage is that you must return to the purchaser to deliver the spices.

With both models, your organization can earn $960 for each carton sold! We charge just $6 per jar, and the fundraisers sell them for $10 a piece, or 2 for $20. That’s a 40% margin!

Are you ready to get spicy and earn some funds for your passion projects?

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