Adding spices to your next culinary masterpiece can add a boost of flavor without the use of butter or salt.  Choosing the spices that are right for you depends on the type of cooking you enjoy.  One thing is for sure, using fresh spices from our collections will be a welcome addition to whatever you prepare.


I'm sure you've heard that grinding coffee right before you brew it will create the most optimal flavor.  The same is true with spices.  Grinding your own right before you are about to add them to your recipe will give you the highest flavor yield possible as well as requiring you to use less spice.  Freshly grinding releases the oils in the spice and packs a flavor punch.


Toasting spices brings out their flavors 10-fold.  Heat a dry small skillet over medium heat and add in whole spices like coriander, cumin, and fennel.  Toast by swirling the pan and only cook just until they start to become fragrant.  Whole spices burn easily, so keep a close eye.  Once toasted they can be ground or used whole in sauces, soups, or however you like.


Storing spices in a cool, dark space is essential for keeping them fresh.  Storing them above your range is not recommended.  If you have a large quantity and you know you won't be using it in the very near future, you can freeze or refrigerate to avoid degeneration of flavor. Spices usually maintain their flavor for around 10 months to 1 year, so replace anything that's old.