Christie Vanover | Pork Rub

Christie Vanover’s award-winning Pork Rub combines a blend of garlic, honey, and molasses to amplify pork’s natural sweetness. Then, it’s accentuated with a blend of five chiles to deliver a rich mahogany color for that perfect bark.

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What’s In Christie Vanover’s Pork Rub?

This Pork Rub was formulated by the Spiceology team and Christie Vanover to offer a rub formidable for any barbecue needs. Combining a blend of garlic, honey, molasses and five chiles, we have made a rub that offers a sweet and smoky bark when used.

How To Use The Pork Rub

The pork rub is great for any piece of pork you want for a barbecue. It is a dry rub, so focusing on marinating the meat before using the rub will yield the best flavor. It is great on pulled pork, pork ribs, pork chops and even bacon.

Why The “Bark” In Barbecue Is Essential

When we talk about the “bark” of a barbecued product, we are referring to the seared, smokey and downright delicious caramelized meat that occurs when barbecuing meat products. You want this bark because it acts as a seasoning and flavor developer in your meat. The crust it creates also keeps moisture inside, offering a tender interior to the meat.

The Pork Rub Christie formulated offers a sugar based bark that will caramelize beautifully when cooked. The smokiness from the chiles will impart that taste onto the meat as well. Finally, the ability this rub has to form the crust will leave any meat you do cook with it moist, tender and a joy to eat.

Christie Vanover: The Pitmaster

Christie is a competitive BBQer, certified barbecue judge, and owns more than 30 outdoor cookers! In 2015, she launched Girls Can Grill and in collaboration with Spiceology, released a series of award-winning meat rubs.

The Spiceology Christie Vanover Pork Rub

We worked diligently with Christie on this product in order to represent the awesome flavor she brings to her barbecue process. To be able to blend molasses, honey, garlic and chiles into a rub for your pork barbecue needs is something both teams are proud of and one we hope you check out.

Check out our exclusive Behind the Blend / Flavor Report with Christie Vanover:

What was the creative process behind Pork Rub? What inspired the blend?

One of the important factors when creating this blend was combining natural flavors that would allow me to develop a beautiful mahogany color on pork. I use Pk on my ribs and pork shoulder in BBQ competitions, and it develops that color every time.

How would you describe the flavor profiles of this blend?

At first, you’ll taste the sweetness, but that is quickly complemented by onion and garlic and a slight bit of chile on the back end.

How would you describe the aromatics of the blend?

Pk is savory and sweet. It has caramel notes that are rounded with red bell pepper and garlic with a touch of hickory.

What would be perfect foods to use this blend on?

Pk is obviously great on all pork, including ribs, pork shoulder and pork chops, but it’s also delicious on shrimp and salmon.

Is there a beer or wine or beverage that would pair well with the blend?

Pk pairs well with lagers and crisp, sweeter white wines like pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc.

Any other Spiceology products that would layer well with this blend?

I have a few Spiceology favorites that I like to layer with Pk, especially when I’m barbecuing, including Adam McKenzie’s Smoke Junkie and Derek Wolf’s Honey Mustard IPA Rub.

Types of cuisine that fit particularly well with the blend?

Pk is super versatile. While it’s fantastic on American BBQ, it also goes well in Mexican and Asian dishes like pork carnitas and pork dumplings.