Double Umami Bundle

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This is your brain on umami.

A quite literal flavor boost, the science is simple - the more umami in a food, the more flavorful it is. And humans really love tasty, flavorful food. Plus. umami is the ultimate hype agent from your taste buds to your brain, creating appetite appeal and highlighting sweetness and lessening bitterness so your brain wants more of that satisfying flavor. 

We built a bundle so you can experience those sensations of mouthwatering and rich savoriness for yourself. This limited-time offer includes two blends with big umami vibes (and flavor). These are two different takes on umami flavor - one with deep earthiness, the other with a bit of a kick. 

Umami Punch is a slightly spicy Korean-inspired blend that emulates Ssamjang, a thick chili paste. 

Ooomami is a more traditional, earthy umami blend with a mushroom-based powder that adds an extra oomph to dishes.

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