Tamari Soy Granules

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What is tamari soy sauce powder?

Tamari Soy Sauce Powder is regular tamari sauce, concentrated onto an inert powder. The Japanese version of soy sauce, tamari sauce is thicker, heartier, and boasts a richer soy flavor than its standard-issue Chinese cousin.

Tamari sauce is a byproduct of miso fermentation. Hundreds of years ago, Japanese miso masters noticed that during fermentation the beans exude a delicious salty elixir with a complex, umami profile. They called it tamari, which means “that which accumulates”. It is comprised only of soy, water, salt, and a fermenting agent. Since it’s not cut with wheat during fermentation—like Chinese soy sauce is—tamari sauce is naturally gluten-free and lacks the sweet bite that wheat can impart. The end result is a slightly thicker sauce with a bigger umami punch.

Tamari Soy Sauce Powder is salty and rich and used for predominantly Asian (Japanese, Chinese) cuisine, but also in other foods, as a gluten free alternative to Soy Sauce. It is good on anything in place of soy sauce, such as stir fry or vinaigrettes.