Waring Bolt 7" Cordless Lithium Immersion Blender

Invaluable to any on-the-go chef, the Waring WSB38X Bolt cordless lithium immersion blender is an impressive and innovative hand blender solely powered by a robust 10.8-volt, rechargeable lithium battery pack. Because it's cordless, it's the must-have blender for caterers, culinary demonstrators, and even the typical back-of-house staff members who are constantly shuffling around each other from one workstation to the other. In any of these applications, a cordless blender eliminates the need for a power outlet and reduces the hazardous web of cords around the kitchen that are easy to catch on, trip over, and accidentally pull-out from the power source.

This cordless blender doesn't compromise convenience for power, either. It includes a variable speed control, with speeds ranging from 5000 to 13,000 RPM and bright, LED indicator lights that reflect the current speed setting. The power button is bright blue as well, making the blender easy to power on and off whenever needed. The blending shaft itself is 7" in length and made of stainless steel, which delivers excellent power and durability. It's even removable and safe for the dish machine, so clean-up is a breeze!

Built with an ergonomic housing, the blender is shaped with grooves on either side for comfortable handling. It also comes standard with a convenient storage or transport case, which helps keep the blender well protected on the go or in the storage area. To keep the battery pack fully charged and ready to go, a battery charging dock is included, too. It boasts a quick, 1.5 hour-charging circuit to help keep your staff on schedule and the blender up for virtually any blending task, from a small pot of mashed potatoes to a specialty fruit puree.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 2 1/2"
Depth: 4"
Height: 19"
Blending Shaft Length: 7"

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