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Salt-Free Blends In a Senior Living Kitchen

Salt-Free Blends In a Senior Living Kitchen

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Whether a senior housing resident comes to a community for the lifestyle change or the health and safety needs, there is one major element that drives their enjoyment: the dining program.

Food is family. It creates memory and community. It’s also a necessity — three times a day, plus snacks, operators must facilitate dining opportunities for residents. That means they must find ways to simultaneously create diverse, flavorful dishes that deliver on dietary and health needs, while reducing time of meal preparation.

Spiceology is tackling that dual challenge like no one else. For years, this chef-owned and operated company has provided flavor innovations to chefs and home cooks alike — no matter their age. The Spokane, Washington-based Spiceology is also now delivering salt-free blends to senior living kitchens, helping executive chefs save time and boost taste.