Jean-Paul Bourgeois | Game Changer | Wild Game Seasoning and Marinade

Even when Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois was the executive chef at Blue Smoke in New York City, his heart was in the great outdoors, daydreaming of freezing his butt off in a duck blind. And, with perfectly balanced sweet brown sugar, tangy red wine vinegar, Worcestershire and mustard, and a smoky salt blend, Game Changer packs Chef Jean-Paul’s wild game culinary knowledge into an amazing all-purpose blend. 

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Check out our exclusive Behind the Blend / Flavor Report with Jean-Paul Bourgeois:


What was the creative process behind Game Changer? What inspired the blend?

The reason why we hunt to eat, and the best way to honor what we do is by feeding your family. I set out to create a game blend that wasn’t full of salt that masked the actual flavor of the game. Many hunters feel like they have to heavily marinate game and cover up those flavors to appease a palette. This blend compliments the flavors of the game with warm notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, dill, cardamom – a variety of flavors that taste like fall.

How would you describe the flavor profiles of this blend?

The flavor profile is herbaceous with salty umami without being pungent. The blend becomes very fragrant once it hits heat and blooms in butter, which helps those flavors come through the whole cut of meat.

How would you describe the aromatics of the blend?

Subtle notes of fall spices.

What would be perfect foods to use this blend on?

  • Wild red meat: venison, elk, ducks, hare, squirrel
  • Geese, sandhill cranes, grouse

Is there a beer or wine or beverage that would pair well with the blend?

Wine: Barolos, California Zinfandels, Montalcino, big Burgundies – and BIG red wine. You could even make a red wine marinade to make a coq a vin with stewed game.

Any other Spiceology products that would layer well with this blend?

Anything with a chocolatey base.