Girl Carnivore | Ooomami | Umami Seasoning

Ready to stimulate the senses? Say hello to Girl Carnivore’s Ooomami blend. While it directly translates to “pleasant savory taste” we feel like Umami is Japanese for “Deliciousness!” Hearty and rich mushrooms, brown sugar, nori and smoky chipotle peppers combine to make this blend the perfect flavor date for burgers, gravies, steaks and veggies.

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Check out our exclusive Behind the Blend / Flavor Report with Kita Roberts (Girl Carnivore):


What was the creative process behind Ooomami? What inspired the blend?

The hill i chose to die on. I knew I wanted an umami based blend for burgers – i am a savory girl. I understand umami and wanted to create something that doubles down on those glutamates that makes that delicious umami flavor. Little heat with chipotle powder – i wanted earthy but savory with butter flavor. Salt pepper and fat – take the thing that makes Everything that was designed. And it’s fun to say.

How would you describe the flavor profiles of this blend?

Mushroomy – sniff while hovering over food. Don’t do that. Buttery rich deep ultra savory – salivatory.

How would you describe the aromatics of the blend?

Earthy blend with hint of heat. Do not recommend snorting it. Because of the intense umami.

What would be perfect foods to use this blend on?

Aioli on popcorn / fold into meatballs, ground beef burgers, heavily coating steaks – its made for steak. Mac and cheese when you make your own roux teamed up with Dirt. Secret whoa – sauces and gravies, Alfredo , marinera – adds a really deep richness. Any type of mushroom oysters especially – roasted carrots and squashes. Brussels sprouts

Is there a beer or wine or beverage that would pair well with the blend?

Rich IPAs and deep red wine. Scotch. Fold into for an agave for mezcal salt.

Any other Spiceology products that would layer well with this blend?

Everything! Jalapeno Lime Pilsner Rub tri tip, Brisket Rub , White Tuxedo roast – any of Derek Wolf’s beer rubs.

Types of cuisine that fit particularly well with the blend?

Anything savory. Richer heartier cooks – grilling.