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The Grill Dads

There are two things The Grill Dads don’t joke about… grilling and Dad jokes. For more than 20 years, friends Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey have been slinging their brand of roast humor along with a pretty darn-good grill game for television and culinary crowds alike.

What started as a backyard hobby cooking for their families, dinner parties and casual barbecues soon turned into guest executive chefs for sold-out pop-ups at some of Los Angeles’ best restaurants, regular grilling expert appearances on the Today Show and their own shows on the Food Network. Their secret? Creating crave-worthy eats by elevating simple, but delectable flavors on the grill.


Pans: Take ’em Out of the Kitchen

Any oven-safe pan or dish can also be used on the grill – and The Grill Dads are showing the tips and tricks to get that great smoky flavor, no matter what the dish.

Salt + Steak – A Love Affair

Salt needs steak – steak needs salt. The Grill Dads break down the science and skills to properly salt your steak for that perfect flavor and coast-to-coast pink.

The Whole Dang Meal (on the Grill)

Taters, veg and a protein – The Grill Dads show you how to make the whole dang meal on the grill. Can we say the easiest clean up ever?


Our retail partner ACE Hardware has got you covered. Every product featured in our summer grilling lessons can be found on That’s right they’ve got the grills, charcoal, thermometers, pans, spices (ahem, yep, that’s Spiceology), tools, tongs, you name it to up your grill game. The only thing the don’t have (yet) is the groceries.



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