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Spiceology Deals

Our Spiceology deals and discount products page is home to the same high-quality, flavor-packed seasonings and fresh ingredients found elsewhere on our site, except that these deals are only available for a limited time. So dig into the deals and experiment with flavor™.


Spiceology Deals

Korean Flavor Bundle

$29.99 $24.99

Grill Dads | Dry Brine Bundle | 2-Pack

$34.99 $28.99

Garlic Granules, Imported

$7.99 – $15.85 $6.79 – $15.85

Holiday Essentials 4 Pack

$49.95 $39.96

Out Of Stock
Poultry Spice (Poulet Épices) for chicken recipes

Poulet Épices | Poultry Spice

$19.99 $13.99

Chervil herb for cooking recipes


$15.69 $13.99

Garlic Granules, Toasted

$19.99 $14.99

Cream of Tartar for home cooking

Cream of Tartar

$9.99 – $28.00 $5.99 – $28.00

Hell’s Kitchen Sir Wellington ingredients

Hell’s Kitchen | Sir Wellington Seasoning

$9.99 – $27.99 $8.99 – $24.99

Hell's Kitchen Where's the Lamb Sauce ingredients

Hell’s Kitchen | Where’s the Lamb Sauce?! Seasoning

$9.99 – $25.99 $8.99 – $21.99

Bob Marley One Heart ingredients

Marley Kitchen One Heart | Curry Seasoning

$14.95 – $27.99 $13.46 – $27.99

Bob Marley One World ingredients

Marley Kitchen One World | BBQ Seasoning

$14.95 – $34.99 $13.46 – $34.99

Jet Tila Sour Power ingredients

Jet Tila Sour Power | Kimchi Seasoning

$14.95 – $25.99 $14.95 – $19.99

MeatEater Beaver Trapper home cooking

MeatEater | Beaver Trapper | Pork and Beef Seasoning

$9.99 – $22.99 $7.50 – $22.99

Lemon Chili Rye ingredients

Derek Wolf Spirit-Infused Lemon Chili Rye

$13.95 – $28.99 $10.95 – $19.99

Smoked chipotle mezcal ingredients

Derek Wolf Spirit-Infused Smoked Chipotle Mezcal

$13.95 – $28.99 $11.85 – $28.99

Sweet Teriyaki Sake ingredients

Derek Wolf Spirit-Infused Sweet Teriyaki Sake

$13.95 – $28.99 $10.95 – $19.99

The Grill Dads Black Tuxedo home cooking

The Grill Dads | Black Tuxedo

$22.99 $16.09


Discounted Merch

Jean-Paul Bourgeois Wildwood Camp Hat

$32.99 $28.04

Jean-Paul Bourgeois Mallard Drake Hat

$32.99 $28.04

Adam McKenzie Hat

$24.99 $21.24

The Grill Dads Hat

$32.99 $28.40

Adam McKenzie Que Crew T-Shirt

$24.99 $21.24

The Grill Dads Black Hoodie

$49.99 $42.49

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Deals and Discounts FAQ section can help you find the answers to all your Spiceology savings questions.

While some of our last chance and limited quantity products are discounted until gone, Spiceology also offers seasonal promotions and coupon codes on our entire catalog throughout the year, so follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know.

Where can I find a Spiceology coupon code?

Spiceology coupon codes can be found and used in different ways to bring you big savings on your favorite spices and seasonings. The easiest way is to sign up for our SMS (text) list and get an instant 10% off your next order! Subscribing to our SMS marketing messages gives you first access to unique coupon codes, deals and promotions as well as new product announcements and recipe inspiration.

I found a Spiceology discount code on a coupon site, how do I know if it’s valid?

There are many coupon code sites on the internet that share old and outdated codes with deal seekers looking for a bargain. The best way to know that your code is legit is to sign up for our market communications where our team will share valid discount codes to our subscribers.

Another reliable way to find Spiceology product discounts is to check back on this page for the latest deals on last chance and small batch product releases, discounted up to 20%.

Why was my coupon code not accepted at checkout?

There are several reasons why your code may not have been accepted at checkout.

Many of our legitimate codes are built for one-time use, meaning that after you use the code once, it’s no longer valid. Should you find that this is not the case, it could also be that you are attempting to use an outdated code from an expired campaign, found on a coupon website.

If you have received the code recently through Spiceology email, SMS or social media communications, be sure to double check the spelling and whether or not you are adding your code to the right place at checkout.

Lastly, depending on the type of code, it’s possible that they products that you are trying to buy may be exempt from a coupon code.

In summary, here are the possible reasons that your code may not be working:

  • You have already used the code on another purchase.
  • The code is misspelled or entered into the gift certificate box instead of coupon code box at checkout.
  • You found the code on a coupon website and the code may be be expired or reached maximum usage.
  • Double check that they products you are trying to buy are not already discounted.

If none of these apply, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] for assistance at checkout.


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