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Turn your purchases into points earned, for exclusive apparel and gear.

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Here’s How it Works

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Earn Reward points from Spiceology for every dollar that you spend with Spiceology.

NOTE: We recommend that you’re logged in when making any purchases to ensure that your points can be saved for later.


Redeem your Spiceology Rewards for cool stuff like clothing and Chef’s gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Spiceology Loyalty Points?

You can earn points, simply by purchasing Spiceology products. Every dollar you spend on our website, earns a Loyalty Point.

How do I know how many points I’ve earned?

To review your earned points, click the orange ‘Loyalty Perks’ button in the bottom left of your screen and log in to your Spiceology account.

How do I spend my Loyalty Points?

Within the ‘Loyalty Perks’ button in the bottom left of your screen, click and choose ‘Ways to Redeem’. This will show you how many points you have to redeem towards certain items.

Do my Spiceology Loyalty Points expire?

Yes, you have a full year to use any points that you have earned.

Need help with your account?

We’re here to help you earn! Please contact [email protected] for support.


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