Seasoned salt ingredients

Seasoned Salt


Celery Salt home cooking

Celery Salt

$16.78 $13.42

Jalapeno Salt can be used for salsas, sauces, gourmet chips and popcorn

Jalapeño Salt

$16.49 $13.19

Lime Salt can be used for poultry seasoning, vegetables and salsas

Lime Salt


Siracha Salt with sea salt and a hint of habanero

Sriracha Salt

$21.99 $17.59

Black Truffle Sea Salt can be used to top your favorite snack recipes

Black Truffle Salt

$33.99 $27.19

Sel Gris salt for cooking recipes

Sel Gris

$35.07 $28.06

Alderwood Smoked Salt for home cooking

Alderwood Smoked Salt

$31.95 $25.56

Hawaiian Black Salt for home cooking

Hawaiian Black Salt


Fleur de Sel for home cooking

Fleur de Sel

$54.43 $43.54

Pacific flake finishing salt
Low Inventory
Turmeric finishing salt
Pink himalayan finishing salt
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When it comes to food, there are those who have a sweet-tooth and others who prefer that salty, savory taste. If that’s you – then you’ve landed in the right place. Spiceology is chef-owned and operated, so we think you should add the salt; as much, or as little as you want. But beware – not all salts are created equal.

If you like a full-bodied smoky flavor, then you’ll love our Alderwood Smoked Salt. It’s a complex finishing salt that adds a clean, smoky flavor to whatever you’re cooking. It goes especially great with red snapper and ceviche, you can also put it on chicken, turkey or fish for some exceptional flavor. 

Some other popular picks in our salt collection include, Sriracha Salt, Espresso Salt, Fleur de Sel, and Hawaiian Black Salt. The Black Salt is native to the Hawaiian Islands, its color comes from activated charcoal from the shells of coconuts and it’s great for finishing off any dish. Especially if you’re looking for a dramatic touch, using the look of pure black crystals. 

Made from freshly ground spices, quality salt, and a hint of sugar, our Seasoned Salt will quickly become your new favorite kitchen staple. It doesn’t contain any fillers, flavor enhancers, or anti-caking ingredients.

When it comes to cooking, salt has many purposes. Most importantly, it’s used as a seasoning, to enhance the taste of food, but it’s also an important natural preservative that has been around for centuries. Whatever your taste buds crave, and whatever flavor you’re looking for, our expansive collection is sure to satisfy your salty needs.