Cali-Baja Blend Bundle

$40.99 $33.99

Creole spice blend seasoning in a pile

Creole Seasoning


Picture of rio grande tex spice blend in a pile

Rio Grande Tex-Mex Blend


Blackberry Balsamic seasoning in a pile

Blackberry Balsamic Seasoning

$16.95 - $22.99

Pickling spice ingredients

Pickling Spice


Rosemary Dijon Pile Shot

Rosemary Dijon Seasoning

$14.95 - $20.99

Purple Haze no salt blend

Purple Haze Vegetable Seasoning


Top Seller
Maui Wowee teriyaki seasoning for grilling, smoking and roasting meat

Maui Wowee Hawaiian Teriyaki Rub

$18.95 - $49.45

Apple Cinnamon powder for cooking and baking recipes

Apple Cinnamon Blend

$13.95 - $16.99

S'mores powder for cooking and baking recipes

S’mores Blend


Jalapeño Popper powder for snack recipes

Jalapeño Popper Blend


Bleu Cheese Buffalo Blend for buffalo sauce and snack recipes

Bleu Cheese Buffalo Blend


Parmesan Truffle Blend and Italian cheese seasoning

Truffle Parmesan Blend


Chile con Limon is a Mexican seasoning for chicken and seafood recipes

Chile con Limon


Mulling Spices for cider and wine

Mulling Spice


Prime Rib Rub for prime rib rub recipe

Prime Rib Seasoning

$14.95 - $21.99

Turkey seasoning and meat rub for poultry recipes

Turkey Rub

$14.95 - $19.99

Achiote spice blend for marinades or all purpose seasoning

Achiote Blend


All Purpose BBQ blend for meat rubs and seasoning

All-Purpose BBQ Rub


Bloody Mary spice blend for cocktail recipes

Bloody Mary Blend


Adobo seasoning for chicken adobo recipe

Adobo Latin Blend


Poultry Spice (Poulet Épices) for chicken recipes

Poulet Épices | Poultry Spice

$19.99 $13.99

Dukkah Nut Free for home cooking

Dukkah (Nut Free)


Salt Pepper Garlic for home cooking

Salt Pepper Garlic (SPG Seasoning)

$16.99 - $52.95

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A spice blend is designed to provide the perfect flavor compliment to your next recipe with no mixing required. A flavorful spice mix can consist of spices, herbs, chiles and more. Spiceology’s Pro Chefs combine two or more ingredients so that they lose their individual characteristics and instead, become smooth and uniform in flavor. Our innovative blends are premium, made with only the best ingredients and exclusive to Spiceology. In fact, we promise they’ll enhance the taste of whatever it is your whipping up in your kitchen. Unsure where to start? Let us help.

If grilled steak is what you’re going for, then start with some of our versatile blends, like the All-Purpose BBQ Rub, or our Black & Blue Blend cajun seasoning mix with a hint of blue cheese. The Prime Rib Rub doesn’t just pair well with steak, but you can also put it on burgers and pork chops (another versatile option!) and the Chimichurri is a delicious blend of herbs, garlic, onion and a splash of dehydrated white vinegar. 

If you prefer pork or chicken, there are a ton of possibilities. Achiote is a great selection. It’s popular in Central American cuisine and can be used as a rub, or as a marinade (just add oil.) Our Bleu Cheese Buffalo Blend tastes great on anything, especially wings, and the Chipotle Garlic seasoning is a popular choice for chicken and pork, too.

There are plenty of fish in the sea – if that’s what you prefer. The seafood seasoning is a no-brainer, so is the Lemon Pepper seasoning. You can sprinkle it on fish, scallops or shrimp. Our blends are all simple to use but will make your meals taste anything but!