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Grill Dads | Dry Brine Bundle | 2-Pack

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Juicy Bird Maple Chile seasoning
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Juicy Bird Italian Brine seasoning
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Curing Salt for home cooking

Prague #1 | Curing Salt


Finally. Easy Brine Chicken and Poultry Seasonings.

The Grill Dads Talk Dry Brining
The Grill Dads Talk Dry Brining
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Otherwise known as ‘pre-salting’, brining meats is an age-old process – emphasis on the word process. It takes time to brine meat and we know how busy you are. Who has time to brine that bird before your dinner party tomorrow night?

We’ve got game-changing poultry brine for chicken, turkey and more. At Spiceology, we’ve modernized the brining technique; now anyone can get the same, tender, juicy taste without slaving away in the kitchen for hours upon hours.

Introducing our dry brine collection. They come in a variety of flavors but offer one common result: a crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside chicken, or turkey, that’s cooked to perfection. Spiceology’s simple solution is this: apply one of our brines, let it set, then bake for an amazing meal How easy does that sound? And wait until you see what kind of flavors we have.

The Grill Dads’ Italian Juicy Bird Dry Brine Blend uses a combination of Italian spices, plus a little sugar and paprika for a unique taste, Maple Chili Juicy Bird Dry Brine is sweet maple sugar granules coupled with spicy chile peppers for the perfect fusion of sugar and spice – and trust us when we say it’s everything nice!

Our Lemon Thyme Juicy Bird Dry Brine Blend is exactly what the names suggests; salt, sugar, lemon, and thyme which creates a refreshing, light, out-of-this-world flavor, perfect for a summer backyard barbecue.

Just imagine the possibilities! Our mouths are watering already.

We also offer a tinted pink curing salt. Curing, like bringing, is a similar process that prepares meats for preservation by adding salt. Our Prague #1 Curing Salt has a gorgeous pink tint to it and can be used for all kinds of meat, fish, sausage and jerky curing.

At Spiceology, we want to make your life easier. Cooking is supposed to be fun, not intimidating and that’s why we offer quick and delicious meals that are just a brine away.