Rubs & Blends

Top Seller

Derek Wolf | 6 Pack Beer Rub Sampler


Big Bad BBQ Ale spice blend

Derek Wolf | Big Bad BBQ Ale


Sweet Carolina Blonde spice blend

Derek Wolf | Sweet Carolina Blonde


Derek Wolf's Sticky Bourbon Brown Ale spice

Derek Wolf | Sticky Bourbon Brown Ale


Smoked Garlic Jalapeno Lager spice blend
Picture of rio grande tex spice blend in a pile

Rio Grande Tex-Mex Blend


Juicy Bird Maple Chile seasoning
Juicy Bird Italian Brine seasoning
Blackberry Balsamic seasoning in a pile

Blackberry Balsamic Seasoning

$16.95 - $22.99

Pickling spice ingredients

Pickling Spice


Rosemary Dijon Pile Shot

Rosemary Dijon Seasoning

$14.95 - $20.99

Purple Haze no salt blend

Purple Haze Vegetable Seasoning


Top Seller
Maui Wowee teriyaki seasoning for grilling, smoking and roasting meat

Maui Wowee Hawaiian Teriyaki Rub

$18.95 - $49.45

Apple Cinnamon powder for cooking and baking recipes

Apple Cinnamon Blend

$13.95 - $16.99

S'mores powder for cooking and baking recipes

S’mores Blend


Jalapeño Popper powder for snack recipes

Jalapeño Popper Blend


Bleu Cheese Buffalo Blend for buffalo sauce and snack recipes

Bleu Cheese Buffalo Blend


Parmesan Truffle Blend and Italian cheese seasoning

Truffle Parmesan Blend


Mulling Spices for cider and wine

Mulling Spice


Prime Rib Rub for prime rib rub recipe

Prime Rib Seasoning

$14.95 - $21.99

Turkey seasoning and meat rub for poultry recipes

Turkey Rub

$14.95 - $19.99

Nashville Hot Chicken  for home cooking

Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning


Smoky Honey Habanero Sweet and Spicy Rub for home cooking

Smoky Honey Habanero Seasoning

$14.95 - $22.99

Oh Canada Steak Seasoning for home cooking

Oh Canada Steak Seasoning

$14.95 - $22.95

Jamaican Jerk Jamaican Jerk Rub for home cooking