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If you like to turn up the heat in your kitchen and cook with a little spice, then you’re in luck. At Spiceology, we offer more than two-dozen different kinds of chiles, including whole, ground, flake and powders. They also come in a wide-range of flavor and a range of spices. So, no matter how you like to use this seeded and spicy produce, we can assist. 

Our whole chiles; just as the name suggests, refers to a chile in its original state. We offer five different kinds from the rare African Birds Eye chilis to the more common, Ancho chili powder. Each packs its own heat and distinct flavor. Some Chefs prefer to get a whole chili and chop it themselves, that way they can control the overall flavor and heat. 

Ground chiles are dried and ground into a powder that can be used in all kinds of dishes. Cayenne, chipotle, and green chiles are all popular ingredients in recipes and easy to use. Just sprinkle some in and elevate the flavor of your next dish. Chili powder is also a popular choice and is a dried version, like the ground chiles and sometimes incorporates other flavors, too. 

Our flaked chile selections consist of dried chiles that are then crushed into small pieces. They’re typically made from a single type of pepper and used to express that pepper’s flavor. Aleppo Pepper and our Korean Chili flakes are single varieties used for spice and distinct flavor. Our Red Pepper flakes offers more of a one-dimensional flavor used to achieve heat.

Try our chili threads, often found in Korean cooking. These extremely thin strips of flavor can be used for a nice touch of heat, and toast up nicely if you cook them in a dry skillet over a medium flame, or you can soak them in warm water. It’s also a gorgeous garnish because of the bright reddish-orange color. 

Depending on what you’re cooking, what your recipe calls for, and what your preferences are, Spiceology has the perfect chile in mind for you.