Dried Oregano Powder

Oregano, Mexican Ground


Thyme Leaves


Chive Rings for home cooking

Chive Rings


Parsley for home cooking



Oregano, Mexican for home cooking

Oregano, Mexican


Thyme, Ground for home cooking

Thyme, Ground


Tarragon Leaves for home cooking

Tarragon Leaves, C/S


Savory leaves spice pile

Savory Leaves, C/S


Ground Sage  for home cooking

Sage, Ground


Rosemary, Whole for home cooking

Rosemary, Whole


Rosemary, Ground for home cooking

Rosemary, Ground


Oregano, Mediterranean for home cooking

Oregano, Mediterranean


Marjoram Leaves for home cooking

Marjoram Leaves, C/S

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Lavender Flower for home cooking

Lavender Flower


Out Of Stock
Herbs de Provence for home cooking

Herbs de Provence


Dill Weed for home cooking

Dill Weed, C/S


Bay Leaves for home cooking

Bay Leaves, Whole


Basil Leaves for home cooking

Basil Leaves, C/S


Herbs are plants that have fresh tasting and aromatic leaves, plus, they add a whole lot of flavor to your meals. Spiceology’s selection of herbs is second to none. In fact, we offer nearly thirty different kinds of typical varieties and some that are not as usual. You can stock your shelves with popular recipe staples like Bay Leaves, Parsley, Chive Rings, Thyme and Rosemary. Even Oregano, from Mexico or the Mediterranean is just a click away, so pick your preference. 

Many of our staple herbs come with the options of cut, whole or ground, making meal preparation a snap. Let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather spend time enjoying your meal instead of chopping and grinding away with a mortar and pestle? 

If you’re looking for herbs that are a bit more exotic, we have those too. In the mood for something new and unique? Try taking some lavender and grinding it with sugar to use in a simple butter cookie recipe. Or infuse cream with our herbs for a lavender scented ice cream.

If Mexican food isn’t your thing, how about some French fare? Our Chervil, sometimes referred to as French parsley, is a delicate herb with delicious, mild flavors. 

No matter what’s on your menu, we’ve got fresh herbs to complement it.