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Making delicious food just got easier

From the kitchen newbie to the grill master and everyone in between, Spiceology helps home cooks and grillers add amazing flavor to your dishes.

Spiceology home collection lineup

Effortless flavor

Founded by an executive chef and one of the country’s top food bloggers, Spiceology knows how to pack delicious flavor into every teaspoon.

In fact, in addition to our signature blends, we offer more than 300 ingredients we grind in small batches, delivering the freshest most flavorful spices to help you accomplish those #pantrygoals

Need proof? Just try our Ceylon cinnamon on French Toast.

Fresh tastes better.

  • Innovative flavors

    Our signature blends make any meal tastier. Need help experimenting with flavor? No problem, we have hundreds of recipes lovingly created by our chefs and partners.

  • Free shipping

    What’s more convenient than shopping directly from your couch? Having deliciousness shipped directly to your front door for free. That’s right, all orders over $50 enjoy free shipping.

  • Earn points

    Earn points for every purchase you make when you create an account. Redeem those points for gift cards and awesome kitchen tools like a commercial immersion blender from Waring or a Messermeister knife that the pros use.

Holiday Essentials Mulling Spice seasoning in 4oz jar

Mulling Spice


This blend will lend a delicious flavor to any brew with hints of orange, vanilla, and cinnamon. Pour some fresh cider in the crockpot, add a hearty amount of our Mulling Spice and let the flavors bloom! You can thank us later for how great your house will smell as well.

What’s It Good On

Don’t be afraid to experiment and use these spices for desserts, syrups, brines and more!

Our Flavors Are Trusted by These Brands

Home Cooking with Spiceology

Spiceology knows that home cooking is best accomplished with delicious ingredients and bold flavors. Save time in the kitchen and skip the chopping, grinding and cutting normally required, by selecting from our extensive lineup of fresh seasonings and blends, home spices and bbq rubs, ready to add to your favorite dinner recipes.

Great for seafood, beef, chicken and vegetables, our tasty blends pair well with all your family favorites or even when grilling meat in your backyard. For the bearded BBQ aficionado looking to take your next steak recipe to the next level or impress with a smokey BBQ rub, Spiceology’s world-class blends can help you elevate your flavor like a pro. With over 50 premium meat rubs and seasonings, we suggest our popular Honey Habanero or Oh Canada! steak seasoning for a start.

Spiceology knows BBQ and has partnered with world renowned grillers and Pitmaster Pros like The Grill Dads, Derek Wolf, Adam McKenzie, Sasquatch BBQ, and Christie Vanover, just to name a few. Choose from tasty brisket rubs and Pacific Northwest inspired flavors, cleverly named Dirt, Moss and Fire to enhance your next cut of meat.

Searching for unique holiday gift ideas for the cooking enthusiast in your life? Look no further than Spiceology’s spice variety packs, available in various sizes and styles. Choose from our popular Seafood Lovers 4 pack or a Steak Lover Flavors Variety pack containing (8) 1oz. Jars of our top selling blends like Black Magic Cajun Rub, Prime Rib Rub and Cowboy Crust Expresso Chile Rub. With popcorn seasoning packs and luxe infused salt blends, you’ll find no shortage of gift ideas for the Home Chef in your life.

Spiceology has you covered with essential ingredients from our A-Z collection of home spices, including spice rack staples like garlic, basil, oregano and dill weed.