Prague #1 | Curing Salt

One of the most popular curing salts, Prague powder #1 contains 6.25% sodium nitrite and 93.75% sodium chloride.

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What Is Curing Salt?

Curing salt is a specially formulated salt concentration that mixes sodium chloride and sodium nitrite. It can be used in curing meat that will then be used in charcuterie practices and is also responsible for giving meat a shaded pink hue and doubly acts as a flavor enhancer and food safety additive. Curing salt is not your everyday cooking salt.

Curing salts are specifically formulated for preserving meat and preventing the growth of bacteria. It is crucial to remember that curing salt is also known as Prague powder. However, they mean the same thing.

Curing salt has a pink color, which is because it contains nitrate and nitrite. Moreover, remember that curing salt is not your everyday cooking salt and must be used only for preserving meat. Additionally, you must buy curing salt only from a reputable website because subpar products can impact the curing process.

How Curing Salt Works

Curing Salt works in a number of ways. It first inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria due to the nitrites in the salt. It also prevents the botulinum spore from growing in food, which, in high doses has been found to be deadly to humans. The salt denies the ability for this toxin to develop when used in the correct quantities. It is what makes cured meats safe for consumption.

There is also the obvious addition of flavor. As salt cures, it dries and concentrates flavors within the protein itself. It also imparts the pink hue as stated before, offering a great color to cured meats. This salt is used widely, and only, in the charcuterie or meat curing world.

When used in the correct amounts, curing salt is safe and consumable. It is made especially for cured meats, breaking down over time and preserving against harmful microorganisms. Curing Salt SHOULD NOT be used for any seasonings, direct consumption or any other application besides time-cured meats. In large quantities, eaten just as a table or finishing salt, can be harmful to humans.

The Spiceology Curing Salt

Popularity around Nose to Tail dining has found its way into home kitchens over the past few years. If you are planning on making homemade charcuterie, then our curing salt is a necessity in your process. Being able to offer flavor, food safety and color is a large part of why you should purchase this salt for any charcuterie needs. Our prague curing salts are specifically curated to enhance your charcuterie experience. The pink curing salt can be sprinkled over your charcuterie elements to enhance its taste. So what are you waiting for? Buy curing salt from our exclusive collection.