Achiote Blend

Achiote is also known as Recado Rojo and can be found in various Central American cuisines. This spice & chile blend gets its vibrant red color from ground annatto seeds. Mixed with fragrant spices and Mexican chiles, it forms an undeniably flavorful spice.

Achiote can be used as a rub, marinade (just add some oil), or all-purpose seasoning. Achiote is perfect on chicken, pork, roasted vegetables, rice, soups, and stews.

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What Is Achiote?

Achiote is another name for annatto seeds, (Bixa orellana) and achiote paste is the Mexican condiment that gets its main flavor from annatto seeds. Achiote (or annatto) is native to the tropical areas of the Americas, including the Caribbean and Mexico.

The small tree grows 5-10 m high and the Spanish brought it from the Americas to Southeast Asia in the 1600s, where it is now a common food ingredient. It’s also produced in India and West Africa.

Spiceology offers an Achiote Blend in a large, chef-sized container, available as gluten-free, vegan and Kosher certified.

How Achiote Is Used?

The use of Achiote varies depending on cuisine. The product offers a smoky flavor to a product so it is very popular in live fire cooking or grilling. In Mexico, the paste is most commonly used in the very popular and delicious Pollo Asado. The distinct smoky flavor offered by the achiote makes it popular in other meat based dishes in Mexico as well, blending well with live fire cookery.

Some other applications you can find in it are tacos al pastor, as a spice used in chorizo and even tamales. The popularity of achiote in the Caribbean and areas such as Puerto Rico leads it to be used in many rice and grilled meat dishes as well.

In Indian food, achiote is sometimes used as a cheaper alternative to saffron when coloring Biryani. It is also used in Southeast Asian food, primarily in marinades for tofu, meats for stir fry and most notably to color Chinese BBQ Sauce.

Try this popular blend in our Achiote Roasted Carrots recipe or Bloody Mary Cocktail recipe.

The Color Achiote Gives

Annatto is also very useful in large food manufacturing due to the seed giving off a vibrant red color. Goya is known to use it in many of their rice seasonings! Using it to give this color in your recipes, such as a paella or a marinade, will prove out the versatility of this spice. It also can give rice a reddish-orange to yellow hue depending on the amount used!

The Spiceology Achiote Blend

At Spiceology, it was our focus to create an achiote blend that mimics and respects the way this product is used in countries across Southern America, India and Asia. Our fresh blended Achiote offers you the versatility of using it in marinades, rubs, as a seasoning or even as a food coloring application. To add a smoky, savory and floral flavor to your dish, be sure to pick up this spice!