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About the National Kidney Foundation

National Kidney Foundation

Spiceology and the National Kidney Foundation:

A delicious way to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor.

National Kidney Foundation

Did you know that in the U.S.:

  • 37 million adults have chronic kidney disease — yet 90% are unaware they have it1
  • Another 108 million are at risk, primarily due to diabetes and hypertension2
  • In 2017, 746,557 Americans had kidney failure, and needed dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive1

The National Kidney Foundation

Fortunately, the National Kidney Foundation offers a lifeline to people affected by this disease, as well as those at risk. Serving as the largest, most comprehensive, and long-standing patient-centric organization, the National Kidney Foundation is dedicated to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease in the U.S.

To help raise awareness for the importance of maintaining kidney health, the National Kidney Foundation continues to build partnerships with consumer products and services companies to extend this message and offer healthier alternatives to a much broader audience

That’s where Spiceology comes in.

Diet and nutrition play an important role in managing kidney disease, which in many cases includes limiting the amount of ingredients like sodium, fat and sugar. For kidney patients, maintaining a restrictive diet is important. Limiting salt is a key component of most diets for kidney disease.

Spice Up Your Diet Without the Salt

The Spiceology and National Kidney Foundation partnership will initially focus on the introduction of a new line of 13 salt-free seasonings that will add much-needed flavor without relying on salt. Each of these blends has passed a nutritional review by the National Kidney Foundation, since salt isn’t the only aspect of a kidney-friendly diet. Controlling the levels of, potassium and phosphorus are also often important when you have diminished kidney function. Excess protein, sugar, and fats may also need to be controlled. Most food products don’t include all of this information on their nutritional labels, making it hard for people to make good dietary choices.

The NKF has long championed greater transparency in food labeling, which includes the levels of added phosphates. Spiceology will be one of the first food producers to include phosphorus on our labels, a win for both registered dietitians and patients alike. Spiceology is challenging others to join us.

Want to learn more about the Nation Kidney Foundation’s mission or get involved?



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