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So, We Did a Thing…

Our Spiceology designers got a little freaky, threw propriety out the window, and maybe went a little too far for our… wait for it… “Cans are Cool” campaign. Satin, disco balls, gel lights, sardines… you’re welcome.

Canned foods are now the cool kids in the kitchen. And with help from our spicy granulated sexiness – canned foods CAN be a staple on the shelf and a freak in the sheet pan. 


Click play to hear from Chef Tony on the great things to come (and eat) using canned foods.


Chef’d Up Canned Food Flavor Hacks

Spiceology Communications Manager, vegetarian, owner of many scrunchies, and canned food fanatic Cassidy puts them signature blends to use:


Have an out-of-the-box canned bean recipe or flavor hacks that go beyond the basics? Share and win. Black Bean Brownies? We love it. Making a White Bean Creamy Pasta Sauce? Tell us more.

Tag @spiceology and #spiceologyCan – let’s go!


One for you, one for them.

Save that Spiceology box – it’s time to purge AND restock that pantry. Hold your own personal canned food drive to support local families. Grab some non-perishable foods, plop them in your Spiceology shipping box and put those cans to good use. Take a trip to a local Food Bank and support your community.


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