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Christie Vanover – Girls Can Grill

With years of experience around the grill and a shelf full of awards, meet your new personal pitmaster mentor: Christie Vanover. As an official Spiceology Collaborator with her own line of spice blends, this is the first time ever griller newbies and pros alike can use the very same barbeque rubs Christie uses to win championships around the country and to compete at world championships like the Jack Daniel’s World Championship and American Royal. With around 30 grills in her backyard – Christie is the grilling guru you’ve been looking for.

Visit for all things grilling. If you’re just starting out, check out her How to Grill Guide. If you’re a competitive pitmaster, read all of her competition BBQ tips. You can also shop these rubs over on her Amazon store.


Charcoal Heat Management

Girls Can Grill’s very own Christie Vaonver talks you through the art and science of heat management when you’re using charcoal so you get your desired done-ness every time.

Layer the Flavor

Yes, there is a way to properly season food for the grill – lucky for you Christie Vanover walks you through the techniques, tricks and how to layer the flavor for perfectly seasoned grilled grub.

Understanding Final Temps

For the love of grilling – use a meat thermometer. Christie Vanover shows you the where, when and how of making sure your meats are at the temperature you want.


Our retail partner ACE Hardware has got you covered. Every product featured in our summer grilling lessons can be found on That’s right they’ve got the grills, charcoal, thermometers, pans, spices (ahem, yep, that’s Spiceology), tools, tongs, you name it to up your grill game. The only thing the don’t have (yet) is the groceries.



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