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Don’t fear the scallops…

You’ve got the date. You’ve decided to make a special din din at home… And now you’re worried you’re going to mess up that gorgeous meat you bought.

Never fear, Spiceology’s here to show you how to nail the big dish.

Pick the perfect protein and learn to cook it… Cook it real good.

Chef Tony Reed breaks down fool-proof ways to prepare the star of any V-Day meal, one protein (and compound butter) at a time.

What the heck is compound butter?

Your meat’s new best friend. A compound butter is butter mixed with seasonings. These butters are a great way to add flavor through the cooking process and keep things moist (sorry about all the use of the word moist). And, they are super simple to make.


4 tbs of Butter +
1 tbs of Spiceology

Mix thoroughly, roll into a butter log using plastic wrap/parchment paper and freeze for ease of use.

Side Dishes to Complete the Meal

With 10 or less additional ingredients, add some sumptuous sides and turn your protein into a full plate with these approachable recipes from Chef Tony Reed.

In the Pacific Northwest?

Pick up these high-quality proteins and pre-made Spiceology compound butters at Rosauers Supermarket Meat Departments.


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