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Salt-Free Seasonings for Foodservice

We’ve got great news for those with restrictive or low sodium diets. Spiceology now offers salt-free blends, packed with all the same great flavors, but minus the added salt. These no salt blends are the perfect choice for people who need to watch their waistlines or their heart health, and a great addition to any kitchen. We have 13 different flavors and they come in large sizes, perfect for all you professional chefs or commercial kitchens out there.

Our salt-free seasonings are good for you in more ways than one. Yes, they allow you to prepare healthy dishes without losing all the fun and fabulous flavor, but they’re also made with only premium ingredients.

Spiceology’s premium ingredients guarantee that your customers will never taste the difference. In fact, we stand by all our salt-free blends and pledge that your guests will love them. If you’re preparing steak for a health-conscious diner, try the Steak and Bake or the Black Magic. Our Chile Margarita and El Taco salt-free options will add the right amount of heat to your Latin cuisine and our Everything Bagel and Guac and Roll salt-free seasonings are the perfect way to impress the brunch crowd. Your avocado toast won’t know what hit it.

One flavor we’re especially proud of is the Purple Haze salt-free seasoning, it’s already uber-healthy and if you can believe it – we managed to make it even more so. There’s beetroot, tomato, carrot, onion and garlic, plus some added spices and chiles in there, but no sodium! The combination creates a perfect sweet and earthy flavor that pairs well with pretty much anything. Wondering exactly what you should do with it? Let us help! Check out this recipe for Purple Haze Caulimash.

Another crowd pleaser is our Pizza Pie salt free seasoning. It’s a little “slice” of healthy Italian heaven, with hints of oregano, fennel, garlic, basil, and other Italian herbs and spices, but again, no sodium! Try some in this recipe for Salt Free Italian Sausage Soup. It will have your guests saying “Buon Appetito” in no time.

Be sure to check out the rest of our chef inspired, one-of-a-kind recipes in the recipe section of our website and for a complete list of all the Spiecology salt-free seasonings and variety packs, click here.

Have fun, get crazy and creative, and try substituting any of our regular blends with their salt-free counterparts. It’s a great way to make your meals healthier, without compromising the taste.