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Lineup of 8 salt-free seasonings

All of the Flavor. None of the Salt.

…and phosphorous on the label.

Salt-Free Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Flavor.

Spiceology is on a mission to prove that great flavor doesn’t have to include salt. Don’t get us wrong, we love a delicious pink Himalayan or sea salt flake just like the next chef. And, most of our blends are low-salt, to begin with, because, as chef-owned and operated, we think you should add salt levels to your taste.

So, here’s a tasty boost for those opting for a salt-free diet, required or not.

Delicious, innovative flavors… with none of the salt.

Need proof?

researching flavors icon
We worked with registered dietitian nutritionists, the NKF and approved chefs to develop these flavors.

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Our salt-free blends have been put through rigorous testing to certify approved levels of potassium, phosphorus, sodium, sugar and carbohydrates.

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Chef-created, delicious, innovative flavors that meet the needs of a healthy diet.

13 New Salt-Free Flavors

A Perfect Pairing

Official Partner with National Kidney Foundation

When Chef Duane Sunwold called to discuss delicious spice blends to help those affected by kidney disease stay on their diets, we accepted the challenge. As a Kidney disease survivor and trusted advisor to the National Kidney Foundation, Chef Duane knows the impact diet can have on reducing the effects of this disease.

Approximately 37 million adults in the U.S. are affected by kidney disease, but 90% are not aware they even have it. NKF works tirelessly to educate and support healthcare professionals, patients and the public on this silent disease that affects so many. As many of you know, diet and nutrition can play an important role in managing disease progression. Yet while some patients may feel that making the necessary dietary modifications, including restrictions on sodium, potassium and phosphorus means sacrificing flavor, seasoning foods with herbs and spices provide a great alternative.

We’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with the National Kidney Foundation to develop thirteen no salt seasonings that pass the flavor and health test – and we’ve included phosphorus levels on the packaging, which very few other food brands do.

Great flavors come from chefs, not food scientists.

Jen St. Clair Russell, PhD, MSEd, MCHES,
Senior Vice President, Education & Programs
National Kidney Foundation

Featured Partner Spotlight

“Following a kidney friendly eating plan can be a challenge. Patients often struggle to find foods and recipes that are kidney friendly and taste good. Spices, like those made by Spiceology, can add flavor without the worry of exceeding recommended amounts of salt, potassium or phosphorus. NKF is pleased to share this resource with patients.”

Jen St. Clair Russell, PhD, MSEd, MCHES,
Senior Vice President, Education & Programs
National Kidney Foundation