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Adam McKenzie | Garlic Junky

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Adam McKenzie holding his 3 jars of rubs


Adam McKenzie

Adam started @ThisJewCanQue in late March 2017. Posting content almost exclusively created through his home cooking, Adam cooks primarily on Traeger grills. He’s become known in his circle of influence for his Saturday morning meat slicing videos, some of which have garnered more than 1 million views. Not one to shy away from challenges, Adam is always looking to expand his repertoire and try new things. He cooks from his suburban Denver home that he shares with his wife Isabel and their two golden doodles Halley and Maggie.

As an elementary school STEM teacher, Adam loves the change of pace and focus that grilling provides in his time away from the classroom. Follow me at @ThisJewCanQue.

Order Adam's New Cookbook, Weeknight Smoking on Your Traeger and Other Pellet Grills.

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