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Sasquatch BBQ | Butter Toss

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Sasquatch BBQ Swag

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Sasquatch BBQ Hat


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Sasquatch BBQ Tee


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Sasquatch BBQ

There is just something so primal about lighting up some wood, cranking up a flame, and slapping down some meat on a hot grate. It gets me all fired up just thinking about it! Being Sasquatch has become a lifestyle for myself and many others, it’s about getting out there off-grid with friends or alone sometimes and just being basic. No phones, no distractions, just food and the elements. In just a short amount of time, a ton of hard work and a lot believing in myself, this whirlwind of social media acceptance and embracement of the “Sasquatch Lifestyle” has taken me from a day job at the local homeless shelter, to a man on a mission bringing strangers, friends, families, and anything in between closer together over a hot meal and firelight.

Grateful is an understatement for how I feel about the companies that believe in Sasquatch with their sponsorships and support, and most of all the people out there always enjoying the next Squatchy adventure full of meals, laughs, big Sasquatch hugs, and beautiful backdrops. Can’t wait to “Meat” you all, the journey continues… Follow my instagram @sasquatchbbq

From Chill Cali/Island Vibes and Rock to Mellow Mood Squatch and Hype Squatch – Matt of Sasquatch BBQ shares his favorites songs to grill in the great outdoors in this Spotify playlist.

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