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Called “The Most Fun Chef to Watch on TikTok” by Forbes, A Cook Named Matt (aka Matt Broussard) is inspiring millions to Experiment with Flavor. No really, aside from being our Test Kitchen Chef, Matt has 4+ million followers on TikTok, 200,000+ subscribers on YouTube and 350,000+ on Instagram.

Flavor Boost. Delicate Crunch. Hella Fancy. Killer Flaky Salts.

Want More Matt?

Get all the Flakey Salts in one collection of mini jars.

Lady Bird flakey salt collection of mini jars

The Lady Bird Flakey Salt Collection

Lady Bird is bringing the perfect salty crunch of the Pacific Ocean, gold on eeeeeer-thing color and benefits of Turmeric and the minerally goodness of Himalayan Pink.

Go ahead, sprinkle some on your favorite steak (Waygu if you’re Chef Matt) your favorite pasta dish, curries, or even a dark chocolate brownie. Flakey Salt is the finishing move to end all finishing moves.


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