Salt Pepper Garlic (SPG Seasoning)

Our SPG Seasoning (Salt and Pepper Garlic rub) is probably the most versatile blend you can find.

It elevates the flavor of whatever you're using it on. Great on beef (steaks, hamburgers) or just about anything else.

Our perfectly blended formula has equal parts Spiceology 18 mesh Black Pepper, Garlic Granules, and Kosher Salt - making this blend hard to pass up.

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What Is Salt Pepper Garlic (SPG)?

Equal parts Spiceology 18 mesh black pepper, garlic granules and salt this seasoning blend is beloved by home cooks and BBQ gods alike.

Our top-selling SPG is perfectly balanced to offer an easy to use seasoning product that is naturally gluten-free and can be utilized literally anywhere where the ingredients salt, pepper and garlic are needed.

How SPG Is Used

The list of ways that this SPG blend can be used is truly endless.

For starters, it can be used as a way to season. Instead of grabbing a pinch of salt when sweating onions for a pasta sauce, grab a pinch of SPG to get all of the flavors melded into one pinch. Or when seasoning food such as french fries, adding this blend turns just a salty fry into a peppery, garlicky and well seasoned french fry.

This blend can be used as a dry rub for high-heat grilling or barbecuing large cuts of meat or chicken wings. These three core ingredients are found in all great BBQ rubs and are balanced perfectly in this SPG BBQ rub.

It can be rubbed onto burgers or steaks for a delicious way to season this meat. And it can be whisked into oil and sugar to create a sweet and salty marinade.

Need more inspiration? Try our Grilled Steak and Egg Sandwich recipe or Beans and Greens with Tasso Ham recipe.

SPG: An Ultimate Kitchen Hack

This is the ultimate kitchen hack for any chef or cook in the restaurant world.

If you were to peer behind the door of a kitchen, it is possible you will find small cups of salt and pepper mixed and being used to season the food in these restaurants.

The ease of access to these three spices truly saves a lot of time and offers total command of the flavor you are building when cooking. If restaurant cooks have adopted this way of seasoning then you should probably too.

The Spiceology SPG Blend

Our careful ratio of black pepper to salt to garlic allows this blend to be used with the confidence that the three flavors will coexist and meld well in any recipe it is used in.

This method of combining the spices is a restaurant cook’s dream, and we highly suggest you pick it up to elevate your game when throwing down in the kitchen.