Togarashi Spice (Blend)

AKA "Seven Chile Spice," Togarashi is a delicious rub for fish, chicken, seasoning rice and leafy vegetables and features warm spices and a hint of zesty fruitiness. Togarashi is also great for seasoning rice and leafy vegetables.

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What Is Togarashi?

As cooks, we often search for two main aspects: spice and umami. What if we told you there was an ingredient that delivers both? Togarashi AKA “Seven Chile Spice” is just that ingredient.

Our blend uses chili pepper, white sesame seed, orange peel, seaweed, soy sauce and more. This mix of flavors offers a unique profile not found in other spice blends.

How Do I Use Togarashi?

A mainstay in Japanese Cuisine, Togarashi is sprinkled over rice, used as a rub for fish and other proteins, mixed in with udon noodles and much more.

More unconventional uses include popcorn and even ice cream! This flavor enhancer brings depth and variety to whatever dish you add it to and it is worth having on hand.

Looking for more inspiration? Try our popular Loco Moco recipe or Togarashi Crusted Wagyu New York Strip Steak recipe.

What is Togarashi seasoning made of?

Togarashi Seasoning is a Japanese blend of red chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, dried orange peel, sesame seeds, ginger, and seaweed, all mixed together for a unique flavor profile and taste. 

What does Togarashi taste like?

It has a unique flavor profile, seamlessly blending spicy, citrusy, and nutty flavors from its distinct ingredients. It also has a hint of umami or warmth from ginger. 

Is Togarashi very spicy?

It has a moderate spice level but can vary based on the quantity of peppers used and the type of pepper. The spice is very balanced as other flavors are incorporated.

What do you use Togarashi for?

Due to its unique flavors, togarashi is versatile and can be used on noodles, rice, meats, and veggies. You can also add it to soups, stews, and popcorn.

The Flavor Behind Togarashi

Cooking is all about balance, and Togarashi is a seasoning that can hit the mark.

The soy sauce and seaweed offer umami, a key flavor in Japanese cuisine. To balance out the savoriness of the blend is the orange peel. This offers floral and tart notes to reawaken the palette. The chili pepper offers slight spice that adds an additional layer of heat and excitement to the blend.

Togarashi works because it balances multiple flavors and delivers them in a way that works in unison yet that also allows them to stand on their own.

The Spiceology Togarashi Spice

We highly recommend picking up our Togarashi Spice, and not just for Japanese cooking.

Whenever you want to add the profiles of savory, tangy and spice to a dish then this should be what you are reaching for.

Try our Togarashi Spice and unlock new flavors within your kitchen.