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Over the Fire Cooking x Spiceology

Over the Fire Cooking (aka Derek Wolf) has been a Spiceology Collaborator for years, creating ultra-versatile spice blends that grillers, cooks and chefs use around the world.

From Spiceology blends to his own American- and South American-inspired flavors and beer-infused blends, you can buy the same blends Derek uses everyday in his viral videos to his 4 million+ fans.

Black Magic Cajun Blackening Seasoning

Black Magic Cajun Seasoning


Black Magic is our version of a Cajun blackening spice with a little bit of cayenne fire, a lot of that spicy-sweet paprika perfection, and a frisky garlic-herb blend that hits you right in the kisser. 

What’s It Good On

Beef, BBQ Sauce, Mac N’ Cheese, Hollandaise, Turkey, Butter, Nuts, Seafood.

Derek Wolf 6 pack beer rub sampler

Derek Wolf | 6 Pack Beer Rub Sampler

Fire up the grill and your tastebuds with our fan favorite, sampler 6-pack.

Give each of our beer-infused rubs a turn at cranking up the flavor. Crack a can, rub it on or marinate it real good and find out which flavor is your favorite – if you can choose.

$79.95 for 6 flavors (only $13 per can)


I have been on a life-long journey to find how cooking with fire brings people together.

My inspiration comes from my time living in West Texas. The endless flavors of the South have propelled me to fall in love with robust, savory and spicy ingredients to make food that will be delicious when kissed by the flame.


Derek Wolf Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub for home cooking


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