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Salt Block Grilled Salmon Recipe With Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme Seasoning

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time 30 minutes

You may be asking yourself “why on earth would I cook something on a slab of salt?” Well, there are a number of reasons to cook on a salt block beyond it being a downright gorgeous cooking surface.

First of all, salt blocks won’t make your food overly salty. Instead, you’ll get a mild saltiness with a complex flavor due to the high quantity of trace minerals in Himalayan salt.

Secondly, Himalayan salt blocks hold their temperature for a long time and distribute heat evenly so you don’t have to worry about uneven cooking. Better yet, they can be safely heated and cooled to extreme temperatures without breaking, meaning you can grill, sauté, bake, and even freeze them.

They also make a show-stopping serving platter so you get double duty out of this salty slab!

Just always be sure to heat your salt block slowly and follow the care instructions that come with it.

Now that you know why you should invest in a salt block, we’ll start you off with a simple and delicious recipe for our Salt Block Grilled Salmon.

Salt Block Grilled Salmon Recipe With Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme Seasoning

Just a sprinkle of Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme Spice Rub, high-quality salmon, and a Himalayan salt block is all you need. That’s really how easy this recipe is – we promise!  Not sure where to buy salt blocks for cooking this way? Amazon has plenty.

Salt Block Grilled Salmon Recipe

Makes 4



  1. Place the salt block on a grill rack. Slowly heat to medium-high.
  2. Place the salmon on the block and sprinkle with Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme Spice Rub.
  3. Close the grill and cook 8-10 minutes or until internal temperature in the thickest part is 145ºF.  Carefully remove the salmon from the block to a serving platter and enjoy.
  4. Allow the block to cool completely before cleaning per manufacturer’s instructions.

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