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10 Spices to Keep In Your Kitchen

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So you want to know which spices you should keep on hand at all times? Here’s a quick reference guide to help you fill your spice cabinet with the essential spices to always have on hand. 

Basil in 0.5oz Glass Jar

Basil – Use in soups, stews and chilis.

Cinnamon Ceylon, Ground in 16oz container

Cinnamon – Essential baking spice.

Chili Powder, New Mexico in 1.7oz Glass Jar

Chili Powder – Spice up chicken, chili or pasta.

Red Pepper Flake, Crushed in 1.07oz glass jar

Red Pepper Flakes – Sprinkle on pizza, stews and soups.

Cumin, Ground in 1.6oz Glass Jar

Cumin – Toast whole seeds or use ground in savory dishes.

Garlic Granules, Imported in 2.4oz Glass Jar

Garlic – add to almost anything savory.

Ginger Ground in 1.5oz Glass Jar

Ginger – Used in Asian dishes or baked goods.

Ground Nutmeg in 2 oz container

Nutmeg – Grate whole seeds into baked goods & béchamel sauce.

Oregano, Mediterranean in 0.4oz Glass Jar

Oregano – Sprinkle on salads, pasta or soups.

Black Pepper, Ground in 1.8oz Glass Jar

Pepper – Freshly grind for optimal flavor.

Top 10 spices to keep in your kitchen.

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