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10 Spices to Keep In Your Kitchen

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So you want to know which spices you should keep on hand at all times? Here’s a quick reference guide to help you fill your spice cabinet with the essential spices to always have on hand. 

Basil Leaves in 4oz container

Basil Spice Uses – Known for its fresh, earthy and peppery flavors, the Italian staple ingredient is mainly used in pizzas, pasta and many more dishes. It is commonly used to make delicious pesto sauces and adds a distinct aroma to culinary creations. It can also be used in salads for its vibrant colors. 

Cinnamon, Ground in 16oz container

Cinnamon Spice Uses – Being an Indian culinary treasure but used by the world for its warm and sweet notes, cinnamon spice is commonly used in baking cinnamon buns, cookies, and carrot cakes. It is known to elevate the taste of pies and oatmeal. It has also been incorporated into coffees and hot chocolate for a warming effect.

Chili Powder, New Mexico in 16oz container

Chili Powder Uses – The kick of spice can elevate any culinary creation. Chilli powder adds that kick to Mexican dishes like chili con carne, fajitas, nachos, etc. It is also predominantly used in Indian cooking to make curries and garam masala. It can also be used as a seasoning or combined with cumin and garlic to add flavor. 

Red Pepper Chili Flake in 10oz container

Red Pepper Flakes – Many people like to sprinkle red pepper flakes on pizza, stews and soups as a finisher. But you can also use these tasty pepper flakes throughout the cooking process to impart more flavor.

Cumin Seed, Ground in 16oz container

Cumin Spice Uses – Known for its exuberant earthy, smoky, warm, aromatic presence, cumin spice has gained a cult favorite status in Middle Eastern cuisine. Mainly used in falafels, hummus and kebabs, it elevates the flavor instantly. Cumin is also used in curry powders, gravy sauces and biryani for its unique taste. 

Imported Garlic Granules in 22oz container

Garlic Powder Uses – Garlic powder is known for the savory and pungently spicy flavor that it adds to any dish. As an Italian favorite spice, garlic is mainly used in pizza sauce and pasta sauce and as an aromatic supplement in marination, soups, and rubs. Its highly flavorful and umami taste has made it a staple in many dishes. 

Ginger Root Powder in 13oz container

Ginger Root Powder Uses – Extracted from the dried roots of ginger, the ginger root powder provides a subtle earthy spice and warm aroma to any dish it is a part of. Primarily found in Asian, mainly Chinese cooking, ginger is added to stir-fry dishes, soups and marinades. It is also used to make the popular ginger ale. 

Ground Nutmeg in 16oz container

Nutmeg Powder Uses – Nutmeg uniquely blends sweet and spicy flavors for baking pies, carrot cakes, and spiced cookies or lattes. It adds a layer of spice to creamy sauces, soups, eggnog and other beverages. Nutmeg can elevate any dish to a new level when mixed with ginger or cinnamon. 

Oregano Uses – Having gained mass popularity as a condiment, Oregano is primarily used in Italian cooking and is known for its slightly bitter and spicy flavor. Many people can only have pizza or pasta with the seasoning of Oregano on it. It is also used to elevate roasted meat, salads, buttered veggies and many other creations. 

Black Pepper, Coarse in 16oz container

Black Pepper Uses – Black Pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in Asian cooking as it instantly elevates the taste of any vegetable and meat preparation. It adds a unique complexity to savory recipes and is usually used as a seasoning for soup, poached eggs, salads and stews. 

Top 10 spices to keep in your kitchen.

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