Black and Bleu Pimento Cheese Wagyu Cheese Burgers

Black and Bleu Pimento Cheese Wagyu Cheese Burgers

Pimento Cheese is one of the oldest and most highly regarded recipes in the BBQ world, and we are bringing our take to you. Originating in the American South, the popularity of pimento cheese has spread throughout the nation. It can be found on restaurant menus and in backyard grills alike. We elevated the classic pimento cheese recipe and served it on a cheese burger for a flavorful twist on a classic.

Crowd Cow was generous enough to get us out some Wagyu Beef patties to cook up, which was the perfect beef to work with for this burger.

Crowd Cow Wagyu Burger Meat

Simplicity can be key sometimes, especially when working with the highest quality ingredients.  


Black and Bleu spices for burger

For the Pimento Cheese Mixture:

Set the cream cheese out and let it soften for around 30 minutes. Meanwhile, drain the water from the pimentos and finely chop.  Next, the 1 jalapeño needs to be chopped into fine pieces after discarding the seeds (If you want it spicy leave some of the seeds). Grate 1 lb of sharp cheddar. When the cream cheese is softened mix in the grated cheddar, mayo, cayenne,  and Black & Bleu seasoning. Then gently mix in the pimentos, jalapeños, and grated cheese until everything is combined.

The Black & Bleu seasoning is the real showstopper in this recipe. The blackening spices give the cheese mixture the perfect balance of spice and depth of flavor, and the blue cheese gives off an umami flavor that will blow you away.

Now that the Pimento Cheese is done set it aside and we can dive into the burgers.

We used a simple salt and pepper seasoning on the beef because the pimento cheese is packed with the flavor we want to be able to taste this amazing beef. With a beef of this quality, we will be shooting for a medium burger cook with some pink in the middle. We cooked over lump charcoal on a flat cooking surface to get a great crust. When crust forms on one side it’s time to flip.

Wagyu Burgers cooking on the grill

Immediately after the flip, spoon out and spread some of the pimento cheese onto each burger patty. Close the lid of the grill to allow the cheese to soften and get hot.

Pimento cheese on Wagyu burger

When the meat hits an internal temp of 145 degrees its time to toast the buns and stack the patties (we made a double burger).

Stacked burgers with pimento cheese

After the bun is toasted throw those patties on and get to eating. Truth be told there isn’t any great “clean” way to eat these. Grab a napkin, bend over a plate and dig in!

Full stacked Wagyu Beef Pimento Cheese Burgers


  • Meat & Buns
    • 2 lb Ground Beef - Crowd Cow Wagyu used
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • 8 Hamburger Buns
  • Pimento Cheese


  1. Soften cream cheese and combine all the pimento cheese ingredients in a mixing bowl until completely incorporated. Set aside.
  2. Preheat grill and salt and pepper the meat.
  3. Cook the burgers, after the first flip spoon pimento cheese onto the top of the burger patty to allow it to warm up.
  4. Toast the buns and when the internal temperature of the meat hits 145° F move the patties onto the buns.