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Chad White finishing ceviche with Hawaiian black salt

Start Fresh with Spiceology

Opening a new restaurant or refreshing your kitchen? Pro Chefs get 50% off their first order with Spiceology.


Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or a Professional Chef wanting to redesign their kitchen, we’re proud to offer 50% off your first order with Spiceology. Choose from over 300 premium spices, herbs, chiles, salts, blends and modernist ingredients to fill up your new spice rack.

Please note: This discount is only available for Foodservice customers and professional Chefs on orders up to $1,000.

There’s no contract required, and no commitment to buy from us again. Why are we doing this? Because we know that once you experience Spiceology’s quality, you’ll be with us for life.

You shouldn’t have to pay more to get the freshest product and best selection on the planet. Start Fresh with Spiceology.

See if you're qualified by registering below. Please note: this offer is not available outside the United States at this time.

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