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A Culinary Program for Senior Living Organizations

We understand with so many choices available, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to quality. Spiceology was founded by an Executive Chef and a top food blogger; we guarantee that our salt-free flavors are held to an exceptionally high standard.

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Unsalted Caramel seasoning

4 Benefits of Salt-Free Blends In a Senior Living Kitchen

Spiceology is tackling that dual challenge like no one else. For years, this chef-owned and operated company has provided flavor innovations to chefs and home cooks alike — no matter their age. The Spokane, Washington-based Spiceology is also now delivering salt-free blends to senior living kitchens, helping executive chefs save time and boost taste. Read more >

Spiceology: Your Secret Ingredient for Increasing Resident Dining

Great taste comes from chefs, not food scientists, which is why the chef owned and operated Spiceology is home to leaders and innovators in the foodservice industry who source spices, develop blends and work with their chef or senior housing clientele. Read more >

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Senior Housing News VOICES: Joshua Holmes, Director of Foodservice, Enterprise Sales Executive 

In this Voices interview, Senior Housing News sits down with Spiceology Director of Foodservice, Enterprise Sales Joshua Holmes to hear about how the introduction of new salt-free flavors can excite and engage senior living residents while reducing labor costs. Read more >

Exciting Dining Moments Made Easy: Spiceology Brings Bold Flavors  

Think comfort food flavors and dietary restrictions can’t coexist? Think again. The flavor innovators at Spiceology recently announced the addition of four new salt-free spice blends to its collection, designed to bring flavor and deliciousness to diners and chefs tired of sacrificing taste for health. Read more >

Who We Are

Serving some of the largest senior living clients in the industry, Spiceology’s dedication to better flavor for all is no passing phase. We partnered with the National Kidney Foundation and American Heart Association’s ‘Life is Why’ campaign to develop no-salt seasonings that pass the flavor and health test

American Heart Association
National Kidney Foundation

We’ve Got Your Kitchen Covered

With 300+ spices, herbs, chiles, salts, blends, confections, fruit and vegetable powders and modernist ingredients, the delicious dish possibilities are endless.


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