Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn

Summer is starting to come to a close. The Back to School signs have replaced all of the summer advertisements. It's not too late, though, to bring in a little more summer especially with Labor Day just around the corner. If you're still looking for a delicious side to make for the upcoming holiday, I give you this Mexican Street Corn, otherwise known as Elote.

Typically Elote is served as a whole cob on a stick, but when you're feeding a crowd, coblets work just as good. Mexican Street Corn is also usually slathered in mayonnaise, but this recipe is a little lighter and uses Mexican Crema (readily available at major grocery stores) which is a thin sour cream. If you're a purist, then go for the mayo! And slather it on thick. :)


Serves 6


    1. Heat up your grill. Place coblets on the grill and turn occasionally until they begin to brown, about 10-15 minutes. Remove to a platter.
    2. Spread a coblet with crema. Sprinkle with Chile Margarita Spice Rub, cotija cheese, cilantro and give it a squeeze of lime.  Repeat with remaining coblets and serve immediately.